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Beta-Glucan From Immuno Medic

Many polysaccharides and polysaccharide-protein complexes that are used as therapeutic substances have been isolated and examined during the last three decades. The most promising pharmacologic effects of these biopolymers are their ability to modulate the immune system and the anti-cancer effect.
Mushroom extracts are very well known in the traditional Asian medicine. Usage of these medicinal mushrooms is well documented in japan, USA, Korea, China and Russia. However, only the technical and scientific progress of the extraction techniques in the last thirty years allowed  isolation of glucans for medical use and their use in clinical trials. Glucans have been intensively studied especially because of their most important attribute – the anticancer and immunomodulating effect. Several species of mushrooms were reported to be rich sources of glucans with positive effect on the human, as well as animals´ immune system. Although there have been identified about 30 species of mushrooms with anti-cancer effect, only few of them were a subject of intense study.

Effects Of Beta Glucans

Scientific research of beta glucan started in 20th century, in mid 60-ties. Positive effect on immune system was observed from the very beginning of the research. however, there was an important information missing: how does the beta glucan interacts with immune cells, the exact mechanism of action was unknown

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What is Imukan?

Glucans are polysaccharides with long chains. Their only structural component is glucose (hexose) monosaccharide, which is linked in the chain in positions 1 and 3. Sside chains divaricate from the main chain of polysaccharide. The most active form of beta 1,3/1,6-D glucans are those, that contain side chains in positions 1 and 6.

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Why Fungal Beta Glucan?

The most common source of beta glucans is the cell wall of yeast (Sacharomycces cerevisiae). Other sources are grains of some cereals (content within range 1-7%) and higher mushrooms (content of beta glucans in dry rot mushrooms within range 10-30%).

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Beta Glucan as Dietary Fibre.

High-molecule substances, which are excreted from organism without digestion and absorption, are called a fibrous material.

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