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What Is Imukan Beta 1,3/1,6-D Glucan (Betox-93)?

Glucans are polysaccharides with long chains. Their only structural component is glucose (hexose) monosaccharide, which is linked in the chain in positions 1 and 3. Smaller side chains divaricate from the main chain of polysaccharide. The most active form of beta 1,3/1,6-D glucans are those, that contain side chains in positions 1 and 6. These side chains branch from longer beta-1,3-glucan main chain. This is why the beta 1,3 glucan is called a beta 1,3/1,6 glucan in some literature.

Beta glucan is found mostly in yeast and other fungal organisms; best for isolation are dry rot mushrooms. In nature there are also other forms of glucans, mostly of cereal origin (oat and barley), but these are built of glucose units linked with 1,4 bindings.

The first definitive studies of the anti-cancer mushroom compounds appeared in the late 60´s. It has been proven, that the extracts from various mushrooms species show strong anti-cancer effects. Extraction method was very simple comparing to present-day procedures. It was an extraction by warm water and, in spite of that, it was possible to isolate several polysaccharides. Our sophisticated and patented extraction process allows us to achieve exceptional purity of the isolated beta glucan and because of that high bioactivity is also achieved. By micronisation we are able to achieve even higher efficacy and bioactivity of our beta glucan and consequently higher effect on organism.

The patented extraction process is named Betox93 and achives up to 95% of pure Betaglucan wich is the highest consentration avalibale in the market. This gives optimal health benefits of Betaglucan. The products are registered under the trademark Imukan.

In insoluble substances only particles of size under app. 60 μm are able to pass through the villus of the small intestine. Because of this, it is necessary to assure, that the particles of beta glucan are of this or of a smaller size. Micronisation is grinding of a substance – beta glucan to particles of size of micrometers. Particles size of our beta glucan is 5μm (median). Thanks to the optimal transfer from digestive system through lymphatic system to blood, an increase of bioactivity is ensured.