3x Imukan™ Gel

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  • strong anti-wrinkle/anti-aging effect
  • significant rejuvenating results with the Beta Glucan Collagen matrix
  • directly stimulate the fibroblast collagen biosynthesis
  • significant stimulation of the defence mechanism in the skins immune system
  • protect skin from UV radiation and promotes the growth of keratinocytes
  • thermal or irradiation skin burns – provides quick and efficient healing
  • light skin wounds for enhanced wound healing
  • helps to relieve from atopic eczemas, bacterial and fungal illnesses and attenuates symptoms of psoriasis in some individuals
  • smoothens dry and cracked skin
  • relieves diaper/nappy rash in children




Imukan™ Intensive Skin Gel helps promote skin regeneration and improves skin protection from damaging effects of excessive sunbathing, irritating cleansing agents, environmental pollution and other harsh effects of the environment.

Formulated with Betox-93®, a highly active and purest form of beta glucan from medicinal Oyster mushroom. Micronized for superior efficacy.

Helps enhance overall quality and time of skin healing process due to injuries, radiotherapy and overexposure to environmental stress.

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